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  1. 1. A new post should clearly state the issue or question to which the member wishes the community to respond.

  2. 2. Posts should adhere to standards of courteous professional discourse. The moderator will reject posts that include such things as ad hominem attacks, slanderous or other “personal” statements directed at individuals or institutions, and comments deemed inflammatory.

  3. 3. Subsequent comments on discussion posts are not moderated. However, members have the right to flag posts or comments that they consider inappropriate. These comments will be reviewed by the moderator and may be removed.

  4. 4. Postings should stick to the topic of the given thread. If the focus of a thread shifts from one topic to another, a new thread should be started.

  5. 5. Posts of a controversial nature are always welcome. The author of the post should be sensitive, however, to the interests and work of other list members whose work may be the subject of controversy.

  6. 6. Posts should adhere to the Guidelines for Non-Sexist Language found on the SMT website:

  7. 7. Appeals relating to removed messages or rejected threads may be made to the SMT Networking Ombuds Committee ( The Networking Ombuds Committee's decision may be appealed to the SMT Executive Board, whose decision is final.