studies on online v. FTF music theory teaching?

edited November 2020 in Pedagogy

Hi everyone, in the light of ongoing and potential austerity measures that many of our institutions are enacting, I'm wondering if anyone is currently involved in empirical work on the value, efficacy, etc. of online versus FTF music theory and aural skills teaching and learning? (Or if anyone wants to start a collaborative study??) Or if there are related studies out there that you're drawing on to make arguments for (or against, for that matter) FTF experiences for students? My gut tells me that FTF  is *obviously* vastly superior in terms of nimbleness, immersiveness, responsiveness, and collaborative potential, but I'm also deeply sensitive to and enthusiastic about the opportunities that online T&L provides for neurodiverse students as well as those with families and careers, etc. In the end I want to make sure that, if we're moving more permanently (post-pandemic)  into online and/or hybrid T&L spaces, that we're doing it for the right ethical and pedagogical reasons and not because it adds black ink to the balance sheet. And also that if a strong argument is to made for retaining FTF spaces for theory and aural skills, that we're making the strongest possible argument, and sharing our best persuasive resources to make them. Your thoughts?

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