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Modulatory P Spaces?

Dear all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of sonata-form P spaces that modulate without returning later to the tonic (i.e., not something like the Eroica, which pushes away from tonic only to return back to it later), and (especially) if there are any discussions of such situations in published scholarship.

I thought there might perhaps be a discussion of this in Elements in the section "Tonal Under- and Overdetermination," but that seems to be primarilly about the relative strength of cadential articulation, not about the possibility of off-tonic conclusions to P. 

I suspect that most such examples would either a.) happen within minor mode sonatas (i.e., a minor-to-relative-major thematic unit that then launches to the minor dominant at TR), or b.) would be exceedingly deformational, to the point that it would likely be engaged with a kind of rhetorical merge with subsequent TR rhetoric. 

In any case, just thought I'd ask if there are any discussions of this sort of thing in the literature!


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