Program for Set Theory/Neo-Riemannian Things

Hello All,

I recently rekindled my interest in computer programming, and I have been working on coding a music theory program. It has two parts: a tool for visualizing set theoretical relations, and one for visualizing triadic and seventh-chord transformations on a Tonnetz.

In teaching these topics, I have found it helpful for many students to be able to see such relations/transformations presented in a visual format. I hope that some of you will find the program useful or fun.

This is in an early stage, so I would very much appreciate people testing it out, trying to find bugs, or making suggestions for changes/additions. Here is a link for the current Windows executable:

You will need to unzip the folder and then run the exe file. Documentation can be read in the program, or you can just open the doc.txt file in the folder. I used Python for this (and only two third-party modules), so if anyone has an interpreter installed and would prefer the script, I could provide that as well.



Jim Bennett


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