Each year the Annual Meeting Grants Subcommittee considers special funding requests from standing committees, interest groups, and individual SMT members for activities held at the SMT Annual Meeting.


Applicants should be chairs of interest groups, standing committees, or individual SMT members organizing some session or event for the SMT Annual Meeting.


The budget for such requests is typically small. The award is intended to offset the costs associated with guest speakers, performers, technology matters, and other such expenses.

Application Process

Click here to apply for a subvention grant for the annual meeting

The deadline for SMT 2021 conference subventions is June 30. If its funds have not been expended during the June 30th round, the Annual Meeting Grants Subcommittee will invite further applications. If applicable, the deadline for the second round of subventions will be September 8.

Please contact the SMT Treasurer with any questions regarding these subventions.